Early Years @ Phoenix Park – Educators

Centre Managers

Shirley & Annette

Assistant Manager


Educational Leader


Room Educators:

Room 1 – Infant Room

Lead Educators: Simone
Assistant Educator: Hina

Float Educators: Wasana, Dhammika and Hong

Room 2 – Toddler Room

Lead Educator: Khema
Assistant Educators: Shevonne

Room 3 – Toddler Room

Lead Educator: Sarah
Assistant Educators: Melinda, & Raghida

Room 4: Preschool Room

Lead Educators: Resha
Assistant Educator: June & Anoja

Room 5 – Preschool Room

Lead Educators: Meli

Assistant Educator: Soraya

Room 6 – Integrated Room

Kinder Educator: Sue-Ann
Lead Educator: Lisa

Assistant Educators: Melinda and Lina

Room 7 – 4 Year Old Sessional Kindergarten

Kinder Educator: Vicky
Assistant Educator: Ami

Room 7 – 3 Year Old Sessional Kindergarten

Kinder Educator: Courtney
Assistant Educator: Lina


Mel and Leti

Sustainability Educator