Early Years @ Phoenix Park – Notices

7am Arrivals

A reminder to all families that the centre is not open to receive children until 7am. Our educators commence work at 7am and are not on duty prior to this time. Please ensure you respect our regulatory requirements by not entering EY@PP until 7am.

Door Safety

Please do not allow the main door to be held open by children or pushed back to remain open. It is very important that only your children leave the centre with you. Safety of the children is top priority.


Please ensure your child comes along with their sunhat each day. If they have their own sunscreen please ensure this is provided to educators. Staff are checking the UV levels each day and if the level is above 3 when the children are to be outside sunsmart measures are in place.

Food Safety

Please be aware that we have a number of children enrolled in the centre who have serious and life threatening food allergies. Children in Long Day Care rooms are not to bring in any food. We request Sessional Kindergarten families consider carefully what to pack in their child’s snack box. Nuts and nut products are not permitted at the centre. Please provide healthy choices for your child’s snack, such as fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, rice crackers, yoghurt and cheese. Children are taught not to share their meals.