Early Years @ Phoenix Park – Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear if my child has a place at Early Years @ Phoenix Park?

If your child is on our waiting list for Long Day Care, we will only contact you if a vacancy becomes available.

If your child is on the waiting list for Sessional Kindergarten, first round offers are posted out around July of the year prior to your child commencing Kindergarten.

Families have a responsibility to ensure their addresses and contact telephone numbers remain up to date. If at any other time you would like to discuss your application you are more than welcome to contact us.

How can I help my child transition into Long Day Care/Sessional Kindergarten?

A gradual introduction is best into Long Dare Care. We recommend that where possible you visit the centre with your child a few times and stay and play. This gives your child a feeling that you belong also and helps your child to feel secure with our educators before being left. We also recommend that when your child is left, they only stay a short time for the first few times. Provide educators with all the relevant information to help them care for your child. Don’t forget that special toy or rug (this is not a good time to take away a child’s dummy or bottle).

At the beginning of each kinder year, the families using the Sessional Kindergarten service will have the opportunity to meet with the educators and familiarise themselves with the room on their first days. Parents are encouraged to share information about their child with the educators on this day, and each day as required.

What should I do if my child is upset when I drop them off?

Some children become distressed when their parents leave. This is quite normal behaviour and usually disappears as the child becomes more used to their surroundings. When the time comes to separate, do not prolong the goodbyes. Reassure your child that you will return and leave with positive words of encouragement. Do not leave without saying goodbye. Children must be left in the care of an educator, and not in the corridor. Please feel comfortable knowing that your child will settle quickly, and if your child is particularly distressed we will contact you.

What do I need to bring for my child?

For more details on what your child needs for their day at Early Years @ Phoenix Park, you will receive full details from your room educators when during introduction times.

What if my child has a food allergy?

Please notify management and room educators of all allergies. Any child that has anaphylaxis will need to complete an action plan which needs to be signed by their doctor prior to attending our centre.

To fulfill our Food Safety Program requirements and to minimise the potential health risks to children with serious food allergies, we ask families not to bring food into the Long Day Care area. As we have a number of children with life threatening allergies it is essential that no food of any kind is brought to Long Day Care by families.

In Sessional Kindergarten, we ask that families also remain aware of the serious allergies at our centre. Nut and nut products are not allowed in children’s snacks or lunches. We have a “no sharing” policy, and teach the children not to share their food with their friends. Children with allergies are asked to bring home made cakes to keep in the freezer, so that they can also join in birthday celebrations in Sessional Kindergarten.

For more information please refer to our Anaphylaxis Management Policy and our Nutrition and Food Safety Policy on our Handbook & Policies page

Need more information?

If you need more information our Parent Handbook provides essential information on our centre’s operations, procedures, policies and philosophy. Please feel free to contact our Services Managers to arrange a tour of our centre.